A bourbon-spiked, deep-fried, Cap’n Crunch PB&J for the bar, please


Note: I wrote this piece on 9/18/13. And B&V is still rockin’ 30th Ave.

A warm fall night along 30th Avenue in Astoria, a street known for the buzz of cocktail lounges and yet another new bar was opening in aspirations of attracting the local young residents. The owners of Bourbon and Vine, which arose from the site of a failed margarita bar, hopes that an eclectic menu and mix of wines and whiskeys will coalesce under the cool, low beats of the new gastropub. The launch attracted couples who sat at the booth sippingbeef jerky garnished Urban Bourbons and peachy Kronic Tonics. Preppy young professionals home from work pored over menu items that included root beer fritters topped with cheddar and cinnamon and hot brown street sandwiches laced with “X-rated” tots.

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