breatharianism: the lethal cult led by the human barbie


Plants are great. Not only do they provide shade and natural aesthetic beauty, but they offer counter-warfare to our toxic waste buildup by absorbing carbon dioxide – but everyone knows this. Besides CO2, plants survive on only water and light. Wouldn’t it be great if humans could imprint a carbon footprint as nonexistent as plants?

As Naveena Shine, 65, explained when she first went Breatharian in May 2013: “Plants live on light, then we eat plants,” she wrote on Facebook May 3. “Are we simply not accessing our inherent ability to live on light? … After hearing of the possibility that this might be true, I received a ‘calling’ from within, from the Universe, to find out if it is so.”

Apparently Jasmuheen, leader of the “Breatharian” cult otherwise known as pranic living, thinks so. Not only does she claim to be an “Ambassador of Peace,” but this international lecturer advertises breatharianism, or the lifestyle of subsisting on nothing but water and light, by tacking various religions (Judaism, Catholicism, Hinduism) to the belief as seen here:


That’s right, breatharians like Jasmuheen claim that it is possible to live without food (and for some, without water!). This, they say, is possible if one is able to survive on prana, an alternate life force in Hinduism, or on sunlight, an Ayurvedic source of prana. Or, as Jasmuheen puts it: Access your Divine Love.

“Nourishment from prana happens as a direct response to our desire for it and as a natural response to our vibration,” she says. “The capacity to live on light is directly related to our ability to attract, absorb and radiate Divine Love which is determined by our lifestyle.” This from the cult that claimed rising actress back in the day, Michelle Pfeiffer. Did I mention it failed her?

Back when she was first starting out in Hollywood, Pfeiffer got mixed up with a controlling couple who put her on an impossible diet that “nobody can adhere to.” This diet, it turns out, would be the cause of death for four people who attempted to live on light alone, according to the Seattle Globalist.

If this that doesn’t prove the craziness of breatharianism for you, then consider the latest follower to latch onto the starvation fad: The human Barbie. Read it and weep.

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