Drinking sprees mean MASSIVE diet splurge: how much will YOU gain when you sip?


It’s Friday night and one thing is on your mind: It’s time to go out. Binge drinking your stress away on the weekends can help you blow off steam, that’s hardly contestable. But when it starts to create a bigger problem – say, around the tummy area? Then, perhaps, slurping away your tension can actually cause you more stress in the long run.

According to Women’s Health, which just released an article on a YouGov report, drinking past your “tipping point” can actually make you pack on a few extra pounds every time you go out! Scary right? Wait till you hear how many liquid calories that translates to.

After researches examined the eating and drinking habits of 2,042 members of UK’s weight-loss organization, Slimming World, they found that those who got sloshed typically consumed an extra (read: in ADDITION to what they’d normally consume) 6,300 calories in the following 24 hours! Since the survey was based on self-reported data, it’s tempting to surmise that in the midst of dousing their brain cells in alcoholic beverages, the members may have forgotten to report end-of-the-night drinks! Then again, researches probably accounted for that.


Exactly how does one partier gain the approximate two pound weight gain, though? Researchers found that from drinking alone, 1,476 calories were consumed in drinks. Then, for the late-night eaters, add on a loaded 2,829 calories in drunk munchies. But it doesn’t stop there – the next day, in addition to their normal meals, those studied typically consumed 2,051 calories!

Check out how many calories are in alcoholic drinks: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/chart-of-calories-in-alcoholic-drinks.html

Drinking alcohol (which, at seven calories per gram, is not the immediate offender) actually reduces your feel-full hormone levels of leptin by 30 percent after just three drinks. The next time you drink, keep in mind that while alcohol certainly can make you happier in the moment (BTW it’s this focus on immediate gratification that makes us choose greasy Chinese over a leafy salad), it may not make you feel quite as good the next day.



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